Makerspace & Co. First Anniversary

Only steps away from Sydenham Station, Makerspace and company celebrated their first anniversary recently, and for that moment invited the public to explore their specialised studios, browse through the goods produced in the space, and consider the possibility of subscribing as a member or voluntary jobs. To the wonders of visitors, the former warehouse is interactive for the day. Artisans could be seen operating the machineries, and guided tours allow groups to walk into every area.



Produced in the span of a year, experimental crafts were displayed near the entrance. A steam-punk monowheel bike quickly caught the eyes, along with winged woodworks, laser-cut shades, metallic jewelries, et cetera. Refreshments were never far around, serving gyozas and light drinks. Proceeding into the space, wood and metal workshops are housed in a high-roofed hall, under a grand wooden chandelier and a contemporary steel gargoyle. Here, almost every practical necessities could be found. Spacious tables for communal works as well as personal desktops were laid out among an array of heavy duty equipments to assist from large scale to meticulous works. To everyone’s delight, a sleepy puppy could be found relaxing in a crafted pethouse.




A ceramics studio sheltered the pale shades of works in progress on systematic racks, and someone was working in one of ten provided pottery wheels, basking in natural light. Moving upstairs into the restricted areas, we were led through a communal kitchen into office-like spaces used to work on textiles, printmaking, and light duty works. The ambience inside is cozy and non-formal, yet well organised. There was enough natural and electrical light supply, accompanied with occasional houseplants as well as evergreens swaying out of the window. They connect with a spacious balcony overlooking the workshops below, as well as a multifunction empty hall.



The whole environment was made in response to the lack of creative spaces for graduate artists, and all facilities are available to be used with a one-covers-all membership system, in addition to programs such as classes to train specific skill sets. The company aims to encourage a collaborative community system where ideas and technical capabilities are exchanged to produce even the simplest structure, such as a wooden frame, which often becomes a start to more elaborate activities. They admit to prioritise ideals over profit, resulting in some difficulties to make ends meet. At the moment, an increase in member numbers and voluntary assistance are desirable. More details could be seen in their website


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